Conic Duo

Conic Duo plugged Seyvaa Paris

Characterized by a false symmetry, the CONIC duo wall light has double lighting with two articulated arms allowing all movements.

Like a wall mounted floor lamp Conic Duo wall lamp simply plugs into an socket. The foot dimmer also allows you to dim the light intensity easily.

The two LED heads are articulated which allows direct and indirect lighting. It is for example possible to light both the ceiling and a sofa.

Conic duo can be installed anywhere without having to make a trench in the wall to bring electricity. A simple plug is enough.

There are many applications: above a desk, a bar, a kitchen worktop, on each side of a bed to light both a desk and a headboard in a hotel. The Conic duo floor lamp provides a high-performance lighting solution that is aesthetic and simple to install.

Conic Duo is also available in wall light version without cable and plug : ref 821A2-B

Design Avionstudio for Seyvaa Paris.

Light source

LED 12V 2x9W 1800Lm SMD 2700°K

Foot dimmer


Steel structure with satin powder coated finishing, aluminum reflector with satin powder coated finishing, PMMA diffuser and aluminum base with satin powder coated finishing and white marble.


Black (821A2)

Seyvaa Conic Duo plan drawing 821A2