Vincent Wattebled manifeste avec la lampe big brother pendant

+ Editorial

Seyvaa, in collaboration with the design agency Avionstudio since its establishment in 2019, is dedicated to exploring new forms in the field of lighting design, incorporating relevant and straightforward technical solutions. Seyvaa’s design philosophy is centered around creating efficient lighting fixtures with a creative and attentive spirit that seamlessly integrates form and function, regardless of the intended use of light. We specialize in crafting well-designed luminaires meant to endure and, if necessary, be repaired.

+ Objects carefully designed, with thoughtful design.

From the initial idea and early sketches to production, we adhere to a principle of experimentation and innovation, striving for simplicity in design, object durability, and a presence that will continue to impress over time. The choice of lighting techniques, power, light intensity, or luminance is driven by the specific lighting needs of each use or location. We have rethought and developed our LED modules to significantly reduce energy consumption while offering optimal lighting quality and efficiency.

Mastery of these innovative technologies enables Seyvaa to create durable and high-performing assemblies, following architectural lighting criteria.

+ Thoughtfully designed movements.

The movements are instinctive, utilizing processes without complex mechanics; they involve sliding and magnetic rotations, offering endless adjustment possibilities.

+ Meticulous finishing and high-quality materials.

From the very inception, we opt for assemblies of noble and meticulously chosen materials to impart an elegant appearance to our luminaires. It is this blend that defines Seyvaa’s value as a brand deeply committed to detail.