Vincent Wattebled manifeste avec la lampe big brother pendant

+ Editorial

Seyvaa, in collaboration with the design agency Avionstudio since its establishment in 2019, seeks new forms with a design that incorporates relevant and simple technical solutions. From the initial idea and early sketches to production, we maintain a principle of experimentation and innovation, aiming for a simplicity of design, object durability, and a presence that continues to captivate over time.

Seyvaa’s editorial line is to produce efficient lighting fixtures, with a creative and attentive spirit that doesn’t separate form from function, regardless of the lighting purpose. Well-designed luminaires are crafted to last and can be repaired if necessary.

The choice of lighting techniques, power, light intensity, or luminance is dictated by the specific lighting needs of each use or location. We have reimagined and developed our LED modules to significantly reduce energy consumption while offering optimal lighting quality and luminous efficiency. The produced light is warm (2700K), non-glaring thanks to the use of optical diffusers, dimmable using “soft touch” or Casambi technology, all while ensuring excellent color rendering (CRI > 90). Mastering these innovative technologies allows Seyvaa to create durable and high-performing assemblies that surpass architectural lighting standards.