The products benefit from the legal guarantee of conformity of the Product in accordance with the provisions of article L. 217-4 and following of the consumer code. The customer has a period of 2 years from the delivery of the Product to act.

In the event of a defect, the buyer must inform the seller within 10 days of receipt by registered letter, specifying: the product, the date and the invoice number, the serial number (SN, etc.), the nature of the defect, its relative importance and attach a sample illustrating this defect. No returns will be accepted without our prior agreement. The goods recognized as defective by us by our services under the guarantee will be exchanged, repaired or reimbursed after our agreement, excluding any other compensation or damages.

Will not be covered by the legal warranty:

  • Damage involving the liability of a third party or resulting from an intentional or fraudulent fault,
  • The repair of damage resulting from poor maintenance, user error, installation that does not comply with the manufacturer’s instructions, incorrect connection or a power supply problem;
  • Damage resulting from the replacement of wearing parts as well as accessories whose gradual and progressive wear requires renewal, replacement and periodic maintenance: light bulbs, battery charger, battery, batteries, lamp, fuses , optical unit…;
  • Breakdowns and damage to accessories such as remote control, power cables, glass parts;
  • All changes made by the customer;
  • Indirect damages such as loss of use, content of goods (food, clothing) as well as penalties due to poor performance.