Easy to use

Seyvaa luminaires can be optionally fitted with Casambi technology. This Bluetooth technology makes it possible to control the luminaires using an application on your smartphone / tablet. No new installation is necessary, no additional wiring, the box is in the fixtures.

You can also control them using the wall switches already installed.

Easy to control

On/Off_Controlled from the smartphone.

Dimmable_The intensity of the light can be controlled to achieve maximum lighting quality and reduced energy consumption depending on the daylight, the time, the season …

Color temperature_With CASAMBI housings you can control the color temperature of Seyvaa lamps equipped with tunable white led modules, using the app or a basic wall switch.

Groups_Different luminaires can be grouped together and thus allow identical settings to be associated with them. Up to 250 luminaires controlled in a single action.

Scenarii_Scenes can be created. They allow you to manage the activation of settings based on a group. With the timer, lighting scenes can be programmed, no need for a phone or switch.

Easy to install

The classic wall switch also provides access to settings created in the application. It can then be used to manage intensity, color temperature or even associate predefined states.


More : www.casambi.com

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